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01-26-2014, 02:43 AM
Indicated the presence of approximately 35 trillion dinars in circulation in the financial markets attribute the reason for the postponement of parliamentary delete zeros to the difficulty of controlling the currency" ["My question is how can a war torn country with 35 trillion dinar in circulation possibly see a value of 1-1...When all other countries have less than 4 trillion in circulation?"] The answer to your question is they cannot...unless they have a plan to collect or reduce it. And the CBI has said on several occasions..."they will gradually raise the value down to the day they begin to replace the currency." An argument could be made that at the same time or before, they will remove these larger notes. If so, then a gradual appreciation of the value is possible. That is why only a float make sense at this point. No overnight RV could or will occur. You can find several articles or documents...to support this. Including the IMF themselves. :(:p