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02-07-2014, 04:04 PM
If you think the official currency of Iraq is a scam, think again. The only ones scamming anyone are those who lie to get gain from others during the WAIT for something better than what the Dinar values offers at present, which happens to be 1,162 IQD for every $1 US Dollar. The reality is that the Dinar (IQD) isnít going anywhere because itís the official currency of a real country! Whether those in control of currency values in the world and over Iraq choose to increase the value of the I QD immediately (revaluation) or slowly (still a revaluation) isnít the point...What IS important is there is a way to make it all happen, even in the ways speculators have aggressively stated. Iíve been following the growth and rebuilding of Iraq for many years now. So many have bashed the Iraqi Dinar, not knowing WHY so many believe it will increase in value one day. Some have said it will provide an increase in the realm of 1000%+ return, others have said it will increase gradually, maybe by 20-40%, and continue to grow over time as Iraqís economy develops a base through oil exports and other industries that will ultimately justify the currencyís value. :confused::cool::(