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Hue Mi
03-05-2014, 06:30 AM
Bank standard British opens his Garter Lane in Erbil (http://pukmedia.com/AR_Direje.aspx?Jimare=29781)

4/3/14 10: 11: 00

Standard Bank branch in Garter Lane

In the presence of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government nechirvan Barzani and Kurdistan-British Consul and a number of officials and businessmen, and Roos, evening or Monday with standard bank branch in Arbil as the Garter Lane branch in the territory.

During a speech welcoming the attendees stressed a bank manager in the Middle East, Africa and America "that without the support of the Kurdistan Regional Government have not been able to open our bank branch here," he said,

adding "the standard Garter Lane works in finance since 150 years, that our presence in Iraq is not new and that the opening of a branch in Arbil, stems from the heart of our faith in the presence of abundant investment opportunities in the Bank is a large supporter of economic and investment fields in Iraq and the region.

The President of Kurdistan region governance speech on this occasion by offering thanks to the British Embassy in Iraq and the British Consulate in Arbil, the administrative body of Bank standard Garter Lane for seeking hard to open a bank branch in Kurdistan and encouraging their fruitful.

It also thanked the Ministry of Finance of the Kurdistan Regional Government for its support for opening a branch of this bank calling to become the occasion for other global banks start to the territory

Nechirvan Barzani underlined that Kurdistan's economy witnessed a remarkable development through the use of natural resources which our blessed."

Barzani said: there is no economic sector in the system of globalization that make swear him without success linked to global production service

The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government about atamananh that the Bank will be supportive and supportive to enter Kurdistan's economy to the world market, especially State banks did not play a role in this area,

as the people of Kurdistan is facing new challenges, namely institutional banking and financial system, banking on the importance of the existence of this bank in the Bank contributes to the activation of the financial activity in Kurdistan not to mention encouraging citizens and merchants in banking or finance which were Without them,

noting that he becomes a symbol of a society for the growth of international trade and economic and commercial development in Kurdistan.

President of the territorial Government and local merchants to run their capital better and sophisticated ways, explaining that there are standard good catalyst for understanding the Garter Lane banking system.

Read by Hugh Evans, a British Consul in Kurdistan where he made a speech on this occasion and expressed his happiness for the participation in the opening of standard bank said its opening will jader is benefiting the people of Kurdistan being 150 years experience in the field of financial British Consul-General said a British company operating in 120 Kurdistan in different areas

He added: "Kurdistan is rich in natural resources and wealth underground and agricultural and tourism is Kurdistan of scenic nature areas subsequently won the capital Arbil Erbil, capital title tourism capital Arabic."