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Hue Mi
03-11-2014, 05:04 AM
Member of the Finance Committee, revealed the names of the banks involved in smuggling foreign currency (http://8th-day.com/archives/37641)


Agency day 8
April 10, 2014 [March 10, 2014]
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Baghdad ((today))

Uncover one of the most prominent members of the Finance Committee in Parliament, the names of the private banks control the output of hard currency from the country, a Bank (North and Middle East and SDL and Erbil) with the help of the Central Bank, being sold to those banks (60%) The volume of foreign currency sold at auction.

The source said "there are clear financial corruption in the Bank's work in conjunction and cooperation with some private banks as the North Bank, the Middle East and SDL and Erbil, the five banks control the output of hard currency and smuggled abroad for hard currency buying rate (50%-60%) The size of the coin sold to banks in an auction, the Central Bank said.

"While there are close to the (53) another bank are limited to a certain percentage of the purchase of foreign currency from the Central Bank auction, indicating a financial corruption and compromise the Central Bank's action and specifically hard currency auction.

"The Parliamentary Committee was formed composed of four persons (Chairman of the Finance Committee and the Chairman of the Economic Committee and the President of the Office of financial supervision and I), just Jay in currency sales at auction."

And: "the Committee met and has been viewed files for sale of currencies, many arguments, and now the process of the preparation of the final report will be released during House sessions. I ended up with.

03-11-2014, 12:31 PM
coincidence ???