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Hue Mi
03-24-2014, 07:29 AM
Preference for investment in fixed assets to equity (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=67382)

24/03/2014 12: 00 am

Poor awareness of stock exchange one of its causes

Baghdad-Mostafa Hashemi

Despite a campaign launched by Iraq's securities market last year for stocks and traded companies and call them, there is still a clear failure by the citizens in understanding the mechanism, operations and transactions which, although trading and transactions in global equity markets is a common phenomenon as a kind of investment.

And inherited an old idea among many citizens that the purchase of fixed assets better than investing in shares on the stock exchange to devote continued weak awareness and lack of culture in trading bonds and equities in the stock market.

The stock market is defined as the place where the sponsored economic official, and an electronic system brings together sellers and buyers of the kind of papers or a specific financial asset, investors from trading stocks and bonds within them either through middlemen or companies working in this area and go up or down the value of securities and financial assets in accordance with the offers of sale and purchase.

With Iraq market for securities Stock Exchange Iraq signified an ISX, 74 stock company listed on the stock exchange with the key sectors of banking and insurance services, industrial, agricultural, hotels and communications with one company for mobile communications.

in this regard, said Huma Managing Director for one of the brokerage firms told to (morning): the real reason the sizes a large number of citizens from buying stocks, trading in the stock market is that it is rational to run money without their profits fast for thought The sale and purchase of shares doubled their money invested in a short period, adding that the case is just the opposite as the funds to buy stocks is a long-term investment for the long term.

The mostly used to purchase fixed assets such as homes and cars and not think about investing in shares and annual profits, saying that the electronic system for trading in Iraq market for securities is one of the latest global regulations at the level of regional ocean makes the Gulf bourses systems come second after Iraq in terms of the types of trading systems.

The need for day after day introductory campaigns focused culture for most citizens and invite them to invest in it to enhance the performance of the Iraqi stock exchange and their level of ambition, shows a non-Iraqi investors are trading in a very smooth and are in their countries along the daily trading sessions of 3 hours.

He was Chairman of the Securities Commission said in an earlier statement to the (morning) on the markets ' Arabic that the activities of Arab markets has 3 rates of increase are the Abu Dhabi Securities market, registering 281.7 percent, Dubai financial market recorded 164.37 percent and Iraq market for securities registered 88 percent.