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Hue Mi
04-01-2014, 04:50 PM
Erbil opens (France-Bank) Lebanon (http://www.almashriqnews.com/inp/view.asp?ID=64813)

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Date posted 31/03/2014 06:50 PM

Erbil/follow us: opened in Arbil branch of the Bank of France, Bank of Lebanon to announce which proceed in Iraq through branches of Erbil and Baghdad.

He said the Bank of France President Adnan Kassar, President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, industry and agriculture in Arabic words during the opening ceremony: "Iraq, Erbil, a promising investment destination and has become a solid economic and trade".

"Iraq now attracts investments and strategic projects and it became the focus of international attention and the attention of many countries of the world."

Group/France/Bank of Lebanon's leading financial groups, is offering comprehensive banking/162/branches/10/countries around the world and was founded by the 90-year-old.