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Hue Mi
04-10-2014, 02:10 AM
Mediation to end the crisis between Baghdad and the region. Kurds prepare for separation (http://www.almustakbalpaper.net/news.php?id=26708)


2014-04-09 14: 14: 07
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The future of Iraq/Falah Al-Shami

As I entered the United States, Turkey and Iran in negotiations between the Central Government and the province to end the budget crisis and the export of oil, Iraq predicted that the coming days, the parties reached agreement on the problem of oil exports from Kurdistan, while the Presidency confirmed the territory it's going toward establishing Kurdish State."

The region varies with the Central Government in Baghdad, many of the issues concerning the budget of the Kurdistan share benefits oil companies operating there, and the peshmerga and other things that have not been resolved over the past years.

Quoted media sources, on Wednesday, the Ministry of finance and economy in Kurdistan Rashid Tahir as saying that "the United States and Turkey and Iran have entered a mediation to resolve disputes between Arbil and Baghdad regarding the crisis between the two sides on my oil and budget".

Tahir expressed willingness to resolve the differences over the outstanding issues with the Central Government ", Hello all initiatives and dialogues.

He noted that Baghdad didn't send salaries territory three months ago, explaining that Baghdad sent two billion and 100 million dinars instead of send 4 trillion and 800 billion dinars to Kurdistan.

And the adoption of the draft federal budget for the current year in the House of representatives as a result of differences between the Governments of the region and Kurdistan Federal oil amounts to Erbil to export and how to obtain revenue.

Baghdad insists that the Erbil to export 400,000 barrels a day of oil through the Iraqi national oil company SOMO and the Iraqi Development Bank revenues in New York, but its not from Erbil to export this quantity and export 100 thousand barrels only.

For his part, oil Minister Abdul Kareem luaibi, Wednesday, to reach an agreement within days to resolve differences between the Centre and the crude exports.

Winfred told reporters on the sidelines of the oil and gas industry held recently in Ankara, and its dependency, "future", "the coming days are expected to reach an agreement to resolve differences over export raw between the Centre and the Kurdistan region."

Winfred was likely to resume pumping oil through the Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline during the week after a stopover in early March, "the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, nechirvan Barzani, Iraq (April 6, 2014), to Baghdad seeking to control oil in all regions of the country, with the territory was ready to set counters for exporting pipes if Baghdad OK, denied approval of Kurdistan to export through Sumo.

The President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, said Wednesday that the issue of the Kurdish nation is now a reality and we must achieve independence soon.,

Barzani said in a televised interview that "Iraq is no longer possible, and must sit all Iraqi leaders to the negotiating table to end the current crisis in Iraq", pointing out that "things in Iraq are moving towards Confederation between the components of this State."

he stressed that "Barzani Kurdish State has become a reality," pointing out that "Independence must be achieved soon."

and threatened the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, earlier, the Baghdad Government to make a stand" would not expect a "continuing positions with the territory, stressing that the Kurds are rethinking their relationship with the Centre.

the Kurdistan Islamic Group announced its intention to put the draft, the independence of Kurdistan, asserting that the project aims to achieve steps" Kurdish "State peacefully.

He said the Kurdistan Islamic group leader Mohammed Hakim "the project prepared by the JI leadership a year ago, pointing out that" a Committee of experts supervised the preparation of the project ".

Sage noted that "all parties and Kurdish political parties agreed to draft the independence of Kurdistan, stressing at the same time that" the establishment of the independent State the dream of all Kurds."

Sage noted that "the project has nothing to do with the current crisis between Baghdad and Erbil and not campaigning," he said, adding that the project has been prepared for nearly a year.

And politicians and activists as a response, (20 March 2014), the options of independence or statehood for Kurds Confederation if the Baghdad "violated the Constitution" and lack of commitment to the principles of partnership, while others pointed out that the Kurdish leaders have lost confidence in the street that their positions are not uniform and transparent.

Hue Mi
04-10-2014, 02:59 AM
Winfred: agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on exporting oil within days (http://pukmedia.com/AR_Direje.aspx?Jimare=31348)


9/4/2014 15: 50: 00

Winfred: agreement between Baghdad and Erbil on exporting oil within days

Oil Minister Abdul Kareem luaibi: expect an agreement within days to address the problem of oil between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Winfred said at a Conference for the oil and gas sector in Ankara: Parliament formed a high-level Committee several days ago to tackle the problem, and the task of this Committee is to reach an agreement between the two sides and I think they will reach this agreement."

Winfred said: the Parliamentary Committee will hold talks on this matter during the hours and even without agreement today, I expect an agreement within two days."