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Hue Mi
04-17-2014, 09:27 PM
Iraqi stock exchange contributed to the economic growth (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=69274)

17/04/2014 12: 00 am

By opening up to the outside world of luring foreign investment

Baghdad-Hussein thghb Al-Tamimi

Constitute the privileged capital markets in assessing countries ' economies and through the performance of listed companies have disclosed stock movement, the success or failure of that company through supply and demand and reverse the economic capacities.

Expert in Economic Affairs Leith sentenced said: the money market which represents real women to the level of growth in the economy of the country, pointing out that the free system that governs the world leading role in identifying the most successful spots in front of an audience of traders through the analysis of the movement of the stock, they clear visions which sectors would invest their money in.

Continued regional and international

He ruled in an interview for (morning) that the Iraq market for securities managed achieving growth gradually, especially after 2003, with stock of opening to the outside world and continue to regional and international reflected positively on the market, through understandings with sophisticated exchanges and benefit from their successful experiences.

Foreign investments

He pointed out that the adoption of sophisticated systems on the local stock exchange and most recently the alakbes system equipped by nomax, marks a turning point in the functioning of the market and raise the rates for foreign investment and received for approximately (5969503) million shares, and this indicates the impact of foreign investment on the stock exchange.

And on how to achieve these gains, he ruled that the disclosure and transparency of the market and the stock exchange work done preparing local and foreign traders, to connect with developments in global financial markets played a major role in the growth of the local capital market.

Culture exchange

Sentenced to work on raising the culture exchange among the public and learn the importance and feasibility of family economy and the country in General.

Pointing out that the public seminars aimed at all sectors of society, especially students in schools and universities of different reference to raise awareness of the importance of stock market which can identify the sectors and companies that achieve the highest economic development, pointing out that the companies traded on the stock exchange has the task of contributing effectively in the care of such seminars contributed to this culture that the evolution of the stock market in the country.

Phase shift

He ruled it is time to turn all public companies to contribute to their development and their stage competition and achieve the success that leads to higher prices for its shares and high demand, noting that many of these companies managed to achieve great profits after its transformation into a contribution and during brief periods, especially that the country is a large market can absorb many products.

The general industrial sector for example has the exclusive competence of the different companies but they need financing, converted to contribution will help them to develop their performance and productivity, pointing out that the movement of the stock market in Iraq stock exchange did after the companies disclosed clearly to investors.


Hikmat recalled that one of the challenges that impede the growth of the movement shares some inaccurate statements which tarnished the reputation of companies and banks listed on the stock exchange and the phenomenon affect shares, especially Bank shares, which constitute up to 70 percent of the shares outstanding,

pointing out that most of those rumors the Bank of economy on the basis of rumors placed under trusteeship by the Central Bank since it turned out that these reports denied by the Association of private banks in Iraq, But the news was SADA on trading shares of this Bank, which requires that the transfer of more accurate information on the movement of stock trading to the closely linked to economic development.