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Hue Mi
05-13-2014, 10:04 PM
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For the first time Jordan's foreign reserves at the highest level to reach $13 billion (http://www.nahrainnews.net/article.php?id=37394)

A Jordanian Government source said earlier that the Kingdom's foreign reserves balance achieved the highest level in the history of the Kingdom, after almost 13 billion dollars late last week.

tomorrow's newspaper attributed» Jordan today to the high foreign reserve during the first seven weeks of this year by 8% compared with the level recorded at the end of last year when it was worth $12 billion. and made up a quarter of the increase since the beginning of this year due to the approval of the International Monetary Fund to pull Jordan the fourth and fifth tranches Loan fund economic program by $264 million.

The source, who requested anonymity, this level is the highest in the history of the Kingdom.

The paper noted that Jordan is linked to the economic program supported by an agreement ready credit with the International Monetary Fund, after the withdrawal of the amount of $264 million, bringing the total amount received from the IMF loan 1307 million dollars of the total $2 billion loan, which concluded a Convention in August 2012.

at the same time, financial experts are expected to continue rising foreign reserve to the Kingdom during the current year, with increase in tourism income and overseas remittances and foreign investment improved.

--experts point out that the political security A very important factor that makes Jordan the chance to enjoy the stability to attract foreign capital and Arabic.

they called for a team that invests economic opportunities and supporting sectors that contribute to the balance of payments and are key factors for the improved foreign reserve. (Finished 2nd).