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‘Dinar Divas’ Destroy Credibility of Investment Opportunity
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Following the second Gulf War, many Americans decided to purchase Iraqi Dinars as an investment opportunity
they hoped would pay big dividends one day. Historically the Dinar was always in the $3+ range in comparison
to the US dollar, and because of the massive amount of resources that Iraq has, especially large oil reserves,
many speculated that once a series of international requirements were met that the Dinar would rise in value.
This was a sound thought process, but, as a result, it brought out a group of people thirsting f or attention
that posted absurd and outright f alse rumors and “f acts” nearly every day. These “Dinar Divas” have brought a
great deal of skepticism about the investment, and have caused many to challenge the credibility of the
investment opportunity.
Prior to the f irst Gulf War, the Dinar traded in the $3.41-$4.35 range. This meant that a person who purchased
one dinar was required to pay somewhere between $3.41 to $4.35. When the second Gulf War ended, then
President George Bush authorized f or Americans to be able to purchase the currency, despite the f act that
sanctions were in place and that the dinar was not an internationally recognized currency at that time. This
policy brought trading services that were willing to sell the Dinar at a prof it to those who wished to invest.
To ensure that Iraq was not placed in a position of economic power too quickly, the United States and the
United Nations imposed an artif icial trading rate on the dinar. For the most part of the last eight years, this rate
has been about 1160-1170 dinars per US dollar. This has made the dinar virtually useless as a currency, and
has led many Iraqi citizens to use the dollar to do business within Iraq.
Traders were not the only groups that arose, however. Next came pundits f rom all over the investment world
who either supported this as the greatest investment of all time or who talked of it as the biggest scam since
the Brooklyn Bridge. Both sides had valid arguments, but the truth was that a country with such abundant
resources was not going to stay at an artif icial rate of around 1160 dinars to the US dollar f or very long. There
would have to be some kind of change at some point.
While the investors seemed split on what would happen to the dinar, there was one group of people that were
absolutely sure that the currency would revalue at “any moment,” and that all investors in the currency would be
rich beyond their wildest dreams. While the being rich part may have some validity to it one day, some of these
people took their predictions and “truths” to a whole new and outrageous level. These Dinar Divas have
become so outrageous in their predictions, that they have caused a great many people challenge the credibility
of the inf ormation, and to walk away f or the investment opportunity.
Who are the Dinar Divas? No one really knows. What is known is that they are people that claim to have inside
inf ormation f rom sources in the United States Treasury, the US Capital, the Iraqi government, and big banks.
They report that their sources are constantly revealing to them inf ormation that will make investors happy,
because the revaluation of the currency is going to happen that day, that night, that weekend, the upcoming
Tuesday, or on the f irst of the month. Despite all this “inside inf ormation,” their f acts have not proven correct
Within the Dinar Diva community there are many who spout of f with these f alse “truths” on a regular basis, but
there are f our that are the biggest divas of all. They are f our guys who go by TNT Tony, Loechin, Mnt Goat
and, the worst of them all, OkieOilMan. This group has continuously proven to be wrong every time they open
their mouths or type something on their keyboards.
Consider some of the things that this group has said in the last year alone. In the past year these f our have
said that the dinar revalued no less than 300 times between them; obviously that was not true. Tony TNT has
stated on numerous occasions that people in Iraq were using their government issued monetary cards to
purchase items at the new rate of $3+; none of that was ever true. All f our have said that sources have told
them that the “back screens” at banks were showing rates of $32+ and that investors would be seeing this
happen any second. No back screens exist at banks, and no revaluation ever occurred.
What is most disconcerting about these f our is that there is a group of loyal minions who will live on the words
of them, despite the f act that they have been wrong each and every time they have stated something as f act.
There is nothing credible about them at all, yet they have a group that hangs on their every word, much like a
When pressed as to why their inf ormation is wrong, the Dinar Divas always have an excuse. Over the years
they have had such excuses as computer glitches, timing was not right, it showed and people were cashing
out, but then it was pulled back, Obama stopped it at the last moment, the International Monetary Foundation
stopped it at the last moment, there was a problem with banks, or they have no response at all. Over the last
seven years, OkieOilMan, in particular, has used each of these excuses at least 15 times.
The reality is that these people f ound a place where people will listen to them, and so they continually post
inf ormation that has no merit, just so people will listen to them. The problem with the Dinar Divas is that they
have caused those who saw this as a legitimate investment opportunity to turn away f rom it, because they are
reading these guys misinf ormation on a daily basis, and thinking this really must be a scam. At some point the
dinar will revalue, and the investment will pay of f . It is likely that on that day the Dinar Divas will have predicted it
will revalue, and will claim they were right, and they will be right. It is only natural
Opinion by Robert Pannier

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"At some point the
dinar will revalue, and the investment will pay of f . It is likely that on that day the Dinar Divas will have predicted it
will revalue, and will claim they were right, and they will be right. It is only natural
Opinion by Robert Pannier"

REALLY...?? LOL .....