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After 14 years. Member no. 160 in Yemen «WTO» difficult economic challenges (http://www.nahrainnews.net/article.php?id=39024)


Yemen became a member of 160 in the World Trade Organization after 14 years of his accession negotiations with the Organization,

membership was announced in a ceremony at the Organization's headquarters in Geneva yesterday and was admitted to the Organization in Yemen on 4 December during the annual Ministerial Conference in Bali (Indonesia),

the accession treaty and related documents were to be authenticated by the Yemeni Parliament before Yemen from its seat and participate in the work of the organization that controls 97 Cent of global trade,

Dr. Saad Eddin was attended by Minister of trade and industry, to Geneva to present the instruments of accession to Roberto Azevedo, Director-General of the Organization,

but in terms of formal proceedings, Yemen must still wait 30 days before becoming a full member on 26 June, the Yemeni Minister said at the signing ceremony to join his country is experiencing a period of great transformation, Constitution Again,

adding that the new Yemen will play a more important role in the international arena in the future, expressing the hope that Yemen receives more assistance for promoting themselves welcomed by Roberto Azevedo, the Director-General of FAO, to cross a new threshold of WTO,

adding that Yemen is the seventh country the 49 LDCs integrate into the multilateral trading system since 1995, and as such will benefit from Yemen by land Areas of technical assistance to Yemen,

said Azevedo played key reforms aimed at integration into the world economy, as well as a clear signal that Yemen has opened up to foreign investment, and therefore, this is good news for the organization that the world is approaching, and evidence of its importance to the world economy comes into Yemen to the WTO after 14 years of the establishment of a working group to examine the request for accession in July 2000, and save For seeking to join the Organization, Yemen in opening their markets to goods and services in respect of goods,

the Yemen link tariffs by an average of 21.1 percent of all products, in the sense that exceed tariff 24.9 per cent for agricultural products, and 20.5 percent for other products and services, Sana'a, open its markets before the 11 sectors, covering 78 subsector, and evaluate its laws in the areas of Customs work, price controls and State-owned enterprises, technical barriers to trade, SPS, other areas

also Yemen signed bilateral agreements on market access in goods and services with Australia, Canada, China, European Union, El Salvador, Honduras, Japan, South Korea, Ukraine and the United States. (Finished 2nd)
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