View Full Version : For the third time .. Sistani refuses to receive the envoy Abdel Halim al-Maliki Zuha

06-05-2014, 10:10 PM
For the third time .. Sistani refuses to receive the envoy Abdel Halim al-Maliki Zuhairi

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[*=left]June 5, 2014
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BAGHDAD - ((eighth day))
Informed sources in the city of Najaf refused to religious authority, Ali al-Sistani, receiving envoys from the prime minister of the outgoing file to discuss the formation of the new government.
A source in the form of the holy shrines in Najaf that reference Ali Sistani rejected three visits to the envoys of al-Maliki, including personal adviser Abdel Halim Zuhairi the past two weeks.
The source, who requested anonymity, said that the Office of Protocol your Repertory Sistani told not to receive any government delegation at the moment, as well as the rest of the religious authorities and explained the source of such a move as a rejection of the third term of the owners, especially with the fear of the reference held responsible for the failure of government and exacerbate political problems after blessing the second term of the owners, in the recent period. "
He noted that the Shiite "determined position of talks to form a government with two points, namely: a government that includes all Iraqis does not exclude anyone, and then change the status quo to understand the words of some politicians as a clear call for change and refused to give al-Maliki's mandate ministerial third.