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Hue Mi
06-08-2014, 07:09 PM
Invitation to the legislation on securities market (http://www.dananernews.com/News_Details.php?ID=4849)



Baghdad/JD/... The Commission invited the parliamentary economy and investment, the importance of the necessary legislation for the Iraq market for securities to boost activity and develop its work.

He said the Commission's decision of Attorney mahma Khalil KD//: "the Iraq market for securities need legislation package of economic laws that help promote corporate activity in the IPO," he said, adding that there are a lot of laws and decisions in the previous system, which currently hamper the stock of the real work."

He added: "the stock market reflects the country's economy which means that when the Iraq stock exchange market more active, it gives an indication of the economy's growth."

He noted: the Iraq market for securities is growing during the current period through publications issued by the market and there are large companies started traded as telecom companies and others, despite the difficult security situation in the country, the more likely the development of stock market action in the event of an improvement in the security situation of the country and the legislation necessary." /finished/8/