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Hue Mi
06-09-2014, 11:31 PM
Forecast of oil reserves depletion America (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=72470)

10/6/2014 12: 00 am
Baghdad agencies

The United States has built a broad economic recovery hopes achieved finally in oil and gas production the Rocky, but these reserves will dry from the third decade of the twenty-first century, to return to dependence on Gulf oil, the International Energy Agency also predicted, she wondered whether the Gulf States are ready to take the job again.

The past few years have seen a radical shift in the accounts of the United States with the bravado of its experts to come to the Renaissance oil and achieve a degree of "energy independence" the opposite of the expected downturn.

Reviews that went after four decades on the oil boycott led by Saudi Arabic Arabic, that rocked the global power system in 1973, the United States might withdraw "umbrella security" exorbitant cost of Gulf oil.

This change has occurred in the United States confidence in prospects for self-sufficiency in energy by payment of rock oil and gas rush. It quoted oil shale mined hydraulic fracturing technique in the United States from a country suffering a lack of energy to a country with a surplus.

The United States last year imported often over 10 million barrels a day, but her importations landed after recovery in the extraction of oil shale to 6.5 million barrels per day last month, the lowest number since 17 years.

A few days ago called the report funded by the oil industry to allow us to export oil, the lifting of the ban since the 1970s to sell it abroad.

But delighting us with this recovery in domestic production may not continue for more than a decade or so, according to the International Energy Agency, based in Paris. With the growth of oil production in North America peaked in about 2020 and begin to fall in the middle of the Decade, the Agency said in a report released in London.

The Agency said the Organization of petroleum exporting countries OPEC, which owns most of the remaining oil reserves in the world, it will have to fill the shortfall caused by the downturn.

The International Energy Agency released similar forecasts a peak production of oil shale in the past year. But in the new report places particular emphasis on the warning, saying the Gulf countries do not invest the required capital in the long term to meet global demand in the future.

It is estimated the Agency Chief Economist Fatih birol said that Gulf States must invest 90 billion dollars a year until 2025 to be prepared for this task. But instead spend a large proportion of its oil revenues of $1 billion a year on new forms of energy prices and financing social programmes committed since spring of 2011.

In the meantime continue to pump investments in shale oil production in North America by the disproportionate size, although the peak for production of this oil is clear to all.
The International Energy Agency says that oil and gas companies will spend more than $ 850 billion annually on exploration and production during the period from now until 2035, about 80 percent of them to continue operations on the currently producing fields. Will go about 25 percent of this spending on the rocks of oil and gas.