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06-26-2014, 12:26 AM
Arbil market securities gain membership in WFE Arabic (http://almowatennews.com/index.php/2013-04-19-21-18-06/9382-2014-06-25-13-07-51.html)

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Arbil market securities gain membership in WFE Arabic

Citizen Erbil

WFE approved Arabic (AFE) on accession to the securities market to EU membership.

Having participated to the securities market for the first time earlier this monthThis month at the annual meeting of the Arabic Federation of exchanges, which took place in Dubai, Erbil has asked for membership in the Federation, and has responded positively to the Union's request.

Abdullah said Ahmed Abdul Rahim, Chairman of the Board of Directors of chubby in a press statement that we have to accept membership in WFE market Arabic and has requested the international organization to study both the submission and the biography of Bursa ErbilAnd if so by the Union to accept the membership of Erbil

"Neil aueh Arab Union would begin to stock, our staff can participate in training and development courses and benefit from the expertise of the members of the Union to promote the functioning of the market.

Means membership in WFE market Arabic, provided an opportunity for Erbil to transfer expertise through meetings, conferences, training courses and the development of the research and economic studies necessary for successful market development.

With regard to the administrative functions of the stock market, said Abdul Rahim "the market operates according to the plans of the stock exchange Erbil Arabic, so waiting for a working system of Corporation (NASDAQ omics) end of month August Managing Director of Arbil that In the absence of our constraints, is expected to be the opening Exchange of Arbil late this year, buying and selling shares, especially that there are a large number of well-known enterprises registered in our stock exchange and gave guarantees and credits required, and it is expected that the majority of companies in Kurdistan in Arbil.

The transactions for the purchase of company shares will be in Iraqi dinars, and do not believe that the opening of the stock market will have an impact on the rise or fall of the dinar or aldolarmbina that the accession of the Arab Union to market the number of members of the 18-member Union.

It should be noted that market to the securities proposed from the private sector to support the Kurdistan Regional Government, and to improve the Iraqi Kurdistan to be a gateway for investment in Iraq, and encourage enterprises to strengthen the economic realities and the shares