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07-07-2014, 02:01 AM
"So Iím hopeful that a custodian will be appointed and once it has, I wouldn't be surprised if it led to a 300% re-rating in the ISX market, because there will be a huge wall of money hitting Iraq."

*Suppose to go live early July :( ................................... I really thought we were about to be rich !!! And I'm sure Warka would have come back soon after !!

* And so was the Erbil Stock Exchange... July !

NOW...... Who Knows !

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07-07-2014, 09:53 AM
I no longer see a reason to invest in Iraq.

They have proved over the past ten years that nothing will become of this country and it will remain a shit-hole for the very foreseeable future. If I could withdraw my money without first having to send more over there in order to satisfy the demands of another broker, I would have done it 2 years ago. The whole idea of a liberated country rising from the ashes of war and deprivation, with the potential for a golden future as envisaged after the invasion is long gone now for me.

I currently have almost a 4 fold increase in my relatively small holdings of Leni Gas & Oil on the UK AIM exchange over the past 18 months, with potentially a lot more to come. The sad thing is that if I had been able to get at my Iraq fund and invest it in this company, I would now be looking at a lovely few quid to say the least at this stage.

Oh did I mention the full protection of the UK FSCS guaranteeing the safety of my funds. Yes there are far better places to invest your hard earnt cash.

07-07-2014, 01:26 PM
I think the Erbil exchange was due to go online at the end of the year...