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Hue Mi
08-12-2014, 09:50 AM
Mesopotamia: relationship banking increase external turnover (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=75737)

12/8/2014 12: 00 am

Attempts to reopen a branch in London

Baghdad Mustafa Hashmi

Iraq seeks to open up banking cooperation at the Arab and world through the establishment of banking relationship with them to increase the volume of external banking transactions through the opening of documentary credits and the issuance of letters of credit and investment, external transfers.

in this context the Director of Rafidain Bank in the name of Kamal Al-Hasani: Bank seeks to achieve greater accomplishments in support of national economy and keep up with the advanced world in banking systems, adding the final touches to the draft service MasterCard and in coordination with the Universal smart card.

He explained that this project is one of the achievements in the field of financial credit and banking to Rafidain Bank to provide services to customers in line with the evolution of developed countries in the field of shopping markets through direct or Internet card to withdraw funds, as well as using an ATM deposit by this service.

And the most beautiful that MasterCard card as a credit card with credit and allow the bearer to withdraw them at any time and any place, and the advantages of this service that departs from the holder of the handling of cash (cache) can be used in many areas of daily life.

He noted that Rafidain Bank seeking to pay pensioners living outside Iraq with the e-card rent them easily using the card from any ATM of any foreign bank.

And the development of the angels working in the Director General said that the Bank manage the Rafidain Bank seeking to upgrade the performance of cadres have been agreed with the foreign banks to set up training courses for staff to be trained on the latest banking technologies and global banking transactions and see the latest developments.

Al-Hasani confirmed that there are future directions include restructuring the Bank and rid the budget of previous debt was settled approximately 90 percent of what we made clear to the budget of the Bank also developed a plan for expansion and openness to the world and presence through new branches.

the Bank has branches in London, founded in 1952 and is the first bank in Europe and has had a prominent role in the performance of banking outside of Iraq, in addition to being a distinct area of building occupancy (Leiden Hall Street), noting that in the light of adjustments that have been completed and United Kingdom debt management is making efforts to restore the Bank's presence in the building where the license branch still pending and cancelled, adding that the British side expressed its readiness to study the section of the old window to exchange trade and bank transactions with Iraq.

He noted that the number of branches currently 161 branches in Iraq add to (7) overseas branches of Cairo, Beirut, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Yemen, Oman, Oman mountain.

Rave Bank established a religion under the law No. 33 of 1941 and bash t work on 19/5/1941 with a paid-up capital of (50) fifty thousand dinars, the Bank passed several stages during his career was the first historical presence as the first National Bank commercial banking is practiced among many foreign banks, and began the gradual expansion in diameter and over multiple stages of integration started in 1964 included commercial banks operating in Iraq where they were in 1974, consolidated with the Rafidain Bank, which became the only commercial bank in Iraq, which continued to work alone in the field of banking until 1988, which saw the founding of another governmental Bank is Rasheed Bank which began his work in branches of the Rafidain Bank, which moved its mechanism.