View Full Version : The Death Throes Of The Maliki Government In Iraq

08-12-2014, 03:45 PM
Iraqís political class has been slowly but surely moving towards a new government since the April 2014 parliamentary elections. A speaker of parliament and president were named, but the final barrier to completing the process was Prime Minister Nouri al-Malikiís insistence on a third term. The Sadrists, the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and Mutahidun were all demanding that Malikiís State of Law list come up with an alternative for the premiership, while Maliki claimed that his victory in the polls gave him first dibs at forming a new government. This was part of the prime ministerís strategy to drag out the process as long as possible in the hopes that he could out last his opponents, which was what he did in 2010 to gain a second term. This strategy backfired, as not only did State of Law fracture in the process, but so did Malikiís own Dawa Party. Those differences became public when the National Alliance put forward Deputy Speaker of Parliament Haidar Abadi from Dawa as its candidate for prime minister, which was condemned by Maliki. The premier continues to try to cling to power, but the writing is on the wall that his days are numbered.

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