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Hue Mi
08-14-2014, 05:23 AM
Washington obtained the "best" way to stabilize Iraq (http://www.shafaaq.com/sh2/index.php/reports-investegations/81502----qq---.html)

Wednesday, 13 August, 2014 12: 20

Twilight news/ Jordanian intelligence document revealed that the best way for us to publish to stability in Iraq.


Where Jordanian intelligence document accused the administration of us President Barack Obama not to put any serious plans that would ward off the dangers posed by the Organization of the Islamic State in Iraq and beyond.

According to the document, seen by the Agency "World Net daily" us news that Jordan feared the success of organizing the Islamic State to make further progress on the ground, not only in Iraq and the Kurdistan region, but also in Lebanon, along the Iraqi-Syrian border, and then both Jordan and Kuwait in the final.

While the Organization of the Islamic State to impose its control on the territory near the Syrian and Jordanian borders, said Jordanian officials plan document developed for presentation to the United States, which not only recommends the expansion of American air attacks, but also to open channels of communication with officials of the Baath party.

The document identified Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri, a Deputy of Saddam Hussein and the Baathist Naqshbandi Army Commander, as the forces that may help combat terrorists daash and recover a measure of stability to Iraq.

The commandment contained in document while the army led by the periodic fighting alongside the Islamic State since last month, at least. The League still continue his flight since 2003 despite setting a reward of 10 million dollars to help in the arrest.

As seen mostly as a senior Baathist official who managed to escape since the US-led invasion of Iraq. He was accused of assisting the armed movements fighting US forces and alliances with Islamic terrorist groups, including those belonging to Al-Qaida.

Crossed sources from within the system of the Jordanian news agency feared that sectarian violence over time to their country as well as to Syria during the coming period.

Despite the limited number of combatants, the organization Islamic State of expansion control in northern Iraq. Analysts believe that the five major factors behind the rapid advances and sweeping to the extreme.

Within two months the terrorists took control of wide areas in daash northern Iraq, last week also were able to expand their influence in several areas formerly under the control of Kurdish Peshmerga in Nineveh province in northern Iraq.

Analysts said that the numbers of such gunmen not exceeding several thousand, but it seems that nobody can stand in their way. So, not only is the key to their strength but also other things:

The recently seized weapons

The Islamic State Organization seized the armored Humvee mechanisms and missiles and other heavy weapons as trophies during the attacks.

Most of these American-made equipment, particularly those left behind by the Iraqi army since the beginning of the clashes turned into military capabilities but the Islamic State.

Said Anthony cordesman of the Center for strategic international studies in Washington, "they've got great equipment to those most in need."

The Syrian experience

If the Organization was established in Iraq, under a different name in 2004, he was involved in the conflict to Syria to become what it is now.

The group "Tinder" competent intelligence us fighting in Syria "provided an opportunity for the Islamic State."

And management, located in 2013 in Syria, battles against the Syrian regime and opposition alike, shot to fame as the deadliest group, with fighters who are not afraid of death during the clashes.

Choose fights well

Thanks to organize Sunni areas of selection daash battles to get support, and strategic infrastructure and places difficult to defend, avoiding thus the loss and be able to maintain the momentum of its internal unity.

John Drake from "any to any" organization "that cut the large distances over the past days, but these sparsely populated areas as they did not face much resistance."

Advertising impact

Everywhere go to daash ensure that preceded the brutal harsh reputation mechanism, which allowed it to seize the whole city without any resistance.

Using the Internet and social networking sites, the regulation of broadcasting pictures of scenes and beheaded the corpses of enemies.

According to Patrick Skinner from the group "Tinder" that transmits images "wild over potential human beings."

In Sinjar, Northwest of Iraq, panic among civilians and fled their homes when the Organization was about to enter their town last Sunday.

Drake finds that the use of "intimidation technique is important for the Islamic State," he said, adding "both used weapons captured or not (but) are photographed for propaganda."

Oppose weak

What gives strength to terrorists primarily daash is weak opponents.

Cordesman says that "Peshmerga good degree (compared with other Iraqi forces), but in fact limited force infantry. It fought a war against Saddam Hussein is no longer there. "

Kurdistan is also experiencing financial problems.

As the Iraqi army, it did not succeed in bringing his troops after humiliating withdrawal beginning of militant attacks in Mosul in June last, nor did it achieve real success.

The group "Tinder" to organize the Islamic State "revealed gaps in painful opponents from truly unfortunate scene for the Iraqi army."