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Hue Mi
08-18-2014, 08:56 AM
Change: speed up the formation of the Government is not as important as solving accumulated problems long ago (http://www.ikhnews.com/index.php?page=article&id=128865)


18-08-2014 09:53 AM

Baghdad (newsletter).. Confirmed block change of representative, to speed up the formation of the Government is not however cab for ingredients as Iraqi resolve accumulated problems in three successive Governments.

He said the bloc MP Hoshyar Abdullah in a statement (the news agency news) copy: the Shia and Ibadi House today is a golden opportunity to sit down with representatives of Iraqi components to resolve all the differences accumulated deferred for three successive Governments in order not to repeat the mistakes of those Governments that have brought Iraq to this tragic case.

He added that delaying the resolution of outstanding issues between the Centre and the region over the past years has exacerbated the differences between the parties, until it came to a rupture between them, and the first of those files the land issue and disputed areas, and the priority for Kurds, must be resolved in accordance with the Constitution, in addition to the distribution of wealth and how to distribute federal budget and 17 percent of the Kurds, and the agreement on the legislation of the oil and gas law, resolving a Peshmerga, as part of defence system for Iraq.

Said: that the case may not differ much for sons of the Sunni component who talmwa wanted to feel part of the political power in Iraq and to have real powers, the provinces pursuant to the principle of federalism in the Constitution, formal participation in successive Governments devoted with a feeling of marginalization and exclusion and their case was born of frustration that organize daash from exploited to control parts of their provinces and enforce their criminal Al-targheeb wa'l-tarheeb.

He added: the problems will not be solved only by expediting the formation of Government and granting Kurds cab year portfolios alongside Shia, it is very necessary to sit with the Kurdish negotiating delegation Abadi and representatives of Sunni component, and devote effort to resolve all the problems inherited from previous Governments, and to send a message to reassure all the components to their participation in Government would be a real and poignant, not formal, ending the differences would be an important step towards comprehensive reconciliation will constitute an important twist in the political process in post-war Iraq After change. /finished/b/FS