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Hue Mi
08-21-2014, 07:37 PM
Recovery of the stock indices compared with early events (http://www.imn.iq/news/view.49119/)


21/08/2014 09: 11

SCA Chief Dr. Abdul-Razzaq Al-Saadi, the Iraqi stock exchange saw a significant rebound in trading indices rising more than 100 points after a stock transaction contracted with the beginnings of a connector, noting that proof of recovery of the trading bloc's reality due to the atmosphere of optimism in the country with painful blows to terrorism and developments in the political process.

Al-Saadi described the case of contrast in the value traded in Iraq market for securities rise and fall with the health marks Midyat economy. said in an interview for (morning) that deflation experienced stock movement at the beginning of the events of the city of Mosul and continued briefly, followed by a rise in indices of more than 100 points and the recovery of the real trading, with another last week to trade indices exceeded (859) billion dinars.

Value of shares

The local stock exchange management had expected a slight decrease in the trading process and this is healthy and normal, given current data, indicating that global stock markets are reflecting the fast cursor movement economy, pointing out that all companies follow the movement of stocks and ensure abundant profits to raise the value of its shares.

Trading contracts

The ways to promote the conversion of trading companies to add to insert mobile operators in Iraq market for securities stock movement and does advance trading to significant levels of trading, it also promotes the movement of domestic and foreign investment, emphasizing that this stock could have on the larger economic, regional and international levels, particularly those companies will rise in the coming period the growth of the local economy.

Investment flexibility

He pointed out that investing in the stock market is characterized by its flexibility, where the investor can move stock from one sector to another within a short period as personal reading of the reality of investment in various sectors, indicating that most investors are eagerly new companies listed on the Iraq stock exchange.

Al-Saadi was the subject of the conversion of public companies to the private sector through privatization after studying the topic in all its aspects and economic feasibility of the country. Pointing to the large number of public companies and the different competencies and effective can be activated through a new mechanism to convert it gradually to the private sector which has the capacity to rotate the wheel production and left the selectors before so ideas must cooperate to solve these notably unemployment affecting.

Sovereign fund

He said: the formation of a sovereign fund must find a place within the roadmap for future development of the local economy, pointing out that this Fund helps provide solutions for infrastructure projects needed by the country, especially that all Iraqi cities need to draft strategy raises the level of services in the country.

Investment trends

He noted that he is optimistic with the future of the Iraqi economy under considerable international support to Iraq and visions of the new Government to adopt a strategy of promoting economy. talking and Al-Saadi said that the Commission committed to providing the best business environment in Iraq market for securities to attract investors in the stock. The body revealed and transparent mechanisms for daily and weekly trading, investors quarterly to draw investment orientation by available data.
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