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Hue Mi
08-28-2014, 10:14 PM
Businessmen's Union reveals his desire to establish a stock exchange and an Iraqi Business Council Gulf (http://8th-day.com/?p=68237)


Agency day 8
28 August 2014, 5: 35 pm
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Basra ((day)) _

Detection of businessmen in Basra on Thursday, to seek to establish market Basra securities, he sought Iraqi and Gulf businessmen from Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates to establish optical Gulf Business Council, while former Deputy drew to put the project five years ago but encountered difficulty in the lack of banks for deposit and the absence of laws in this area.

He said businessmen in Basra sabih al-Hashimi in a press statement that "there is a trend to establish a stock market in Basra province during the coming months", stating that "the local Government supports this trend and the market to be established in Basra is as important as the Baghdad stock market."

Al-Hashemi said that "the businessmen in the province in respect of a building worthy of that project and carry out administrative procedures for establishing a stock market", adding that "the market will be associated with the stock market in Baghdad and Kurdistan region of Iraq economically".

Al-Hashimi said the "Iraqi businessmen sought Gulf of Kuwait and UAE to establish optical Business Council Gulf moves the wheel of economic and trade through a sincere desire of companies and businessmen from around the world to work in Basra in economic sectors, investment and trade".

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