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09-18-2014, 07:40 AM
Iraq is witnessing an effective economic cooperation (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=78089)

18/9/2014 12: 00 am

Glaciology: development requires world-class planning

Iraq-Hussein thghb Al-Tamimi

Economic mobility continues to activate economic cooperation with various countries of the world with the aim of achieving economic viability for the country, through professional associations, chambers of Commerce, which has the task of managing the joints of the free economy as in developed economic blocs, where work continues to restore communication with most countries in the world that were cut off from Iraq because of the previous policies, head of EFCC Jaafar al-Hamdani said that activating the network of international relations is the most important hubs of economic development,

pointing out that the country is about to get a new stage And Government program focuses on economic sectors of great importance equally to grant the private sector interest, take a real course in management of the joints of the economic process.

Economic interests

He said in an interview for "morning" that the Federation of Chambers of Commerce is working to educate the international economic community the importance of Iraq in the world arena, and the role of investments in the productive and service sectors-building within the country, as well as the possibility of establishing a common strategic industries be able to market its products to various countries of the world benefit from the country's location between the poles of the Western and Eastern world.

He pointed out that most countries in the world recognize the importance of Iraq economically and want to work and create significant economic interests shared by local and international service where can supply goods across Iraq which is the shortest road link between the countries of the world.

Provide guarantees

Hamdani said the Government program includes attention to the investment and activation session during the coming period, pointing out that this requires a guarantee to foreign partner who will come with the success of the work and the achievement of objectives under the plans and installed by the referral decision. the role of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce in all production and service processes, requiring both raw materials or equipment or supplementary materials to be supplied from outside the country and therefore the task of providing the local merchant.

Economic feasibility

The head of the investment centre in Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Alaa Al-Nouri noted that the Government's several economic areas aimed at development of the country's economic viability, pointing out that our economy cannot achieve development incommunicado, and require a cross-fertilization of ideas between the parties to the process of integration and development goal.

Positive cooperation

Nouri stressed the importance of creating a positive atmosphere of cooperation between the Government and the local private sector, which in turn led to the creation of an attractive environment for foreign companies with advanced classification rules of international jurisdiction.

He stressed the importance of stopping the legislative aspects and trim to fit the next stage, indicating the importance of involving the private sector in this process, because the continuous contact with the various parties involved in the investment process and can diagnose bugs and exact solutions.

Local trade

Any increased economic development in any of the sectors contribute to moving the joints in other sectors as a result of local trade reality do the task lies with the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, stressing the importance of activating the initiative which you can rotate the wheel of local production in various disciplines and address many economic problems, including unemployment, which have significant economic and social effects in the country.