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Hue Mi
09-18-2014, 07:51 AM
The private sector employs the majority of unemployment (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=78091)

18/9/2014 12: 00 am
Baghdad-Mostafa Hashemi

Called economic academic Dr Majid Al to establish and apply programmes contribute to uprooting the deprivation of its roots as a resource on which terrorism feeds, immunization of young people by allowing them to work and material provided to them and their families.

and he said to (morning) that these programs can be replicated in the world that have experienced conditions similar to the conditions experienced by Iraq, especially with regard to economic aspects for the purpose of activating the role of the private sector being a receptacle which can accommodate for the vast unemployment.

the results of the economic reform process May be delayed for a time, long or short, as determined by the true will of decision-makers and officials to change and move to a stable economy and a prosperous country,

pointing out that the renewed blood pumping to the angels in government departments would facilitate the process of liberalization of the consequences and effects of a totalitarian economy, as well as reducing bureaucracy and red tape which has affected much of the national economy and called for the creation of public opinion to reject corruption and educate the Society and convert loyalty gradually from family and clan to the State,

and the fight against unemployment and inflation by creating jobs and encouraging investment to the economic development of Iraq and continued to experience Germany much like his Iraq conditions hit the economy and destroyed infrastructure, where after years of World War II, becoming the most powerful world economies.

Referring to the possibility of applying this experience through the creation of a Development Bank with capital from private banks and that should invest in infrastructure projects and housing and services.

the private sector is the only one capable of absorbing unemployment to enjoy freedom, independence and the immediate impact on production and development expertise to the staff.