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09-22-2014, 07:12 AM
GTA fuel participation in production affect 3.5 r Ed the national (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=78246)


21/9/2014 12: 00 am

An oil expert confirms end of method

Baghdad Farah pumice

An oil expert warned of the harm of contract based on production sharing, to give a share of the oil fields of the foreign company, stressing regular contracts approach as in oil producing and exporting countries also stressed the importance of export through Corporation (SOMO) in the Federal Ministry of oil deposit revenues to the Central Bank to guarantee the rights of all Iraqis.

Promising areas

The Prince told AFM expert for "morning" that "Iraq is a very promising areas to find oil, and statistics indicate that one out of every 10 wells drilled for oil found, compared to the Gulf areas found in 4 out of 10."

Regarding the oil discovered in Kurdistan (Oil in place), the Prince said that of 40-45 billion barrels, and is up in the range of 10-12 billion barrels (Recoverable oil) as a field where reserves of Kirkuk, 9 billion barrels.

But he noted that with the newly discovered fields are known structures are located in areas not within the territory of such a field, Sheikh Al-shaikhan plain, lying in the disputed areas, and the Nathan field blister in the world have been discovered since the 1970s, however, gave contracts to participate in the production.


He also noted that the article 110 of the Constitution provided for economic and trade policies and taking into account that the highest percentage of trade not only Iraq is oil so the oil is part of the sovereign and trade are the exclusive powers of the Centre.

The Prince drew the applies to the territory applies to all other provinces, adding that article 111 of the Constitution ruled that oil and gas belongs to the Iraqi people and in accordance with this article, every oil well is the King of all Iraqis and cannot give any share to foreigners, so the production sharing contracts are unconstitutional.

Article 111 of the Constitution: "oil and gas is the property of all the Iraqi people in all the regions and governorates", while article (112): "first: the Federal Government administer oil and gas extracted from current fields with the Governments of the producing regions and governorates, to distribute imports fairly proportional to population distribution across the country, with a specific quota for the affected territories, which denied them unfairly by the previous regime which was damaged after that, to ensure the balanced development of different regions Of the country, and this shall be regulated by law.

Second, the Federal Government and the Governments of the producing regions and provinces together with strategic policies to develop oil and gas wealth to bring the highest benefit to the Iraqi people, supported the latest techniques of market principles and encouraging investment."

Petroleum law

With respect to the oil and gas law that was introduced in February 2007 between the Prince that this law raises concerns because it is not based on national interest, it did not clearly define subsidiarity and illegal contracts involved.

The Prince talked about the oil partnership contract began in the 1960s and subsequent decades involved in production in the 1970s, a step ahead of franchising, but still give a share in the oil fields of the foreign company, indicating that this method was completed after the great development in the oil-exporting countries that have become able to do discovery and exploration potential and if there is a need for a foreign company, contracted with regular contracts and contracts of partnership and in the Kurdistan region (42) A partnership without reference to the Centre.