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Hue Mi
09-22-2014, 07:24 AM
Investment stock lacks culture exchange (http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=78244)

21/9/2014 12: 00 am

Focus on the purchase of fixed assets behind its decline

Baghdad Mustafa Hashmi

At a time when banks of high liquidity, need to be absorbed and used in the areas of economic development process through the launch of sovereign bonds to invest in different sectors.

According to residents who lack the awareness and the culture of investment in shares and Iraq market for securities, while noting that various countries in the world adopt in determining activity of different sectors and their role in the economies of their countries.

In this context economic academic Dr Majid said baidhani, the level of trading stock shareholders without ambition and lack of knowledge of a large number of citizens with the benefits of trading of shares of companies listed on the Iraq stock exchange.

He told the (morning) that, despite a campaign launched by Iraq market for securities in advance of making stock companies traded and traded long & short, still more people suffer difficulty in understanding the mechanism and the role of financial intermediaries in clarifying them and guide them and advised the pm on a sale or purchase.

The contract deals in the global equity markets as the most common types of indirect investment.

The need for day after day to the introductory campaign for culture exchange between the majority of citizens and invite them to invest in it to enhance the performance of the Iraqi stock exchange and their level of ambition, as a non-Iraqi investors are trading in a very smooth and are in their countries along the daily trading sessions of 3 hours.

Maybe the reason criminal retreat Iqbal or sizes of citizens from entering the stock market to the widespread idea that the purchase of fixed assets better than investing in shares on the stock market, as a result of poor culture of trading bonds and equities in the stock market.

Currently 47 brokerage firm in Baghdad, mediating between investors and the stock market, where brokers receiving orders from investors buying or selling in the stock market, you can't afford to invest in the stock market only through those finance companies which are specialized in trading systems and advice needed to work in the stock market.

With Iraq market for securities Iraq Stock Exchange which symbolised an ISX, 74 stock company listed on the stock exchange with the key sectors of banking and insurance services, industrial, agricultural, hotels and communications with one company for mobile communications.