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Hue Mi
10-02-2014, 03:51 AM
The Parliamentary Committee revives oil and energy law (http://www.imn.iq/news/view.51711/)


01/10/2014 09: 19

Oil and Energy Committee, unveiled legislative its oil and energy law during the next phase, in line with the Government programme which emphasized order and Government program text to provide decent living for citizens and delivery of basic services and addressing bottlenecks in the electric power sector to provide continuity and high reliability, and production of oil and gas is the largest contributor to generate revenue for the State and to ensure the continued employment of that income to provide programs and services to citizens, the Government will continue to work with international oil companies to increase the size of the discovered oil fields and develop the infrastructure necessary to increase Exports.

The Committee Member said Kawa Mohammed, speaking for "morning": oil and Energy Committee in the House of representatives seeks to prepare the law, passed during the next phase, "referring to the flaw and space in articles relating to oil and energy in the Constitution.

He warned that the Council move in the legislation of the special law on petroleum and energy to the executive bodies of the advancement of these sectors and setting long-term strategy to solve these problems and make the most of those sectors which are the artery Foundation in the process of urban development and to improve the lives of citizens.

He said that previous problems between the Centre and the region must be resolved in accordance with the preparation of a new law on oil and gas, adding that the law will depend on previous versions rejected by political blocs and some modifications to pass during the current parliamentary session.

The Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy at the previous session had declared that the differences between the Centre and the region around the oil and gas law is very clear on the question of search terms between the parties, and that the issue in the draft oil and gas law for 2007 and 2011, the last draft adopted by the Executive to discuss and acknowledge and come to the House to read first reading article 6, indicating that this article is the mechanism for cooperation and consultation with provincial and territorial produced in relation to the implementation of the national oil company, as View the territory that contracts with foreign companies, but the Federal Government considers that there is a national oil company will be established under this Act and is authorized to contract with foreign companies, in addition to the formation of the Federal Council and its association with the Council of Ministers in the Federal Government.

To do so, said Committee member Federation is determined his Committee for Razak pass, oil and energy law during the first legislative term of Parliament, adding that the Committee will pass the law of oil and gas during the first year of the parliamentary session to improve the country's energy.

And the Federation is that political differences and misinterpretation of the Constitution caused by obstruction of the law so it will be overwritten with the Iraqi Constitution and national interests.
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