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10-02-2014, 03:45 PM
"Zain" WINS "best brand of contacts" in the Middle East (http://www.mustaqila.com/news/140210.html)

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(Independent) a. Zain Group won the award for "best brand" in the telecommunications sector in the middle of 2014, at the annual celebration of "Telecom World" hosted by Dubai recently.

Zain said the leader in mobile telecommunications in the Middle East and Africa in a statement received by the (independent) said Wednesday that the Foundation "Telecom World" awarded the prize after the higher estimate and communicate the brand values of the group, and their success-driven changes that have been made in people's lives, and intensify investment in modernizing their networks to enhance and improve the experience and customer service.

In the context of the rationale for the award of best brand for Zain Group said the jury, which consisted of five members, "after seven years at all Zain brand inspiring, that tag did not succeed only in creating identity and attractive products and services but also able to capture the imagination of the entire region, as it ideally reflects the aspirations and the thinking of its customers and the industry as a whole."

It should be noted that the "Telecom World" dedicated to honor outstanding performance in 10 key areas in the communications industry in the Middle East in addition to honoring actors and major corporations that contributed to transforming the industry into one of the most vital industries and dynamism in the world.

And an expression of appreciation of the prestigious award, said CEO Scott giginhaimr in the Zain Group "have a proven track record of accomplishments in all of our affiliated companies, and the achievements in line with the brand successfully in a short period that captures the imagination of the entire region."

The "gignhaimr" brand is a reflection of all the various components in the activities and practices of any company, we at Zain Group work hard to accomplish our tasks as best as we can, so as to offer our customers the best possible products and services in addition to giving back to the communities in which we operate. "

Stressing gignhaimr this level of recognition will urge us to achieve our ambitions, it's at the same time that our choice to win the title of best brand among many regional players means that Zain Group has been considered on the basis of its services, and its technological innovation for future development.

And by saying "we are determined to continue to work towards the realization of the promise of our brand is building a beautiful world."

And was prominent during the award ceremony of the telecom world was honoring Zain Jordan distinguished awards, the award for "best local strategy for mobile telecom" and "best mobile operator network".

The Zain Group has enjoyed record duvet of honors and appreciation by different bodies and publications, and recent past of companies won a series of titles and awards, last year rated the Zain Group as the best brand in all sectors in the Assembly poll Arabic intellectual property.

The survey included 200 of the most famous Arabic brands in Arabic countries, where more than 100,000 people in this poll through website Arabic intellectual property Association.

The Zain Kuwait has recently won the title of best player in 2013 and 2014, a title awarded by the magazine Arabian business "leading economic region, as Zain Iraq won the award the player awards of achievement for Arabian business magazine of the year 2013, as well as similar CommsMEA Awards Prize for 2013.

These awards highlight the depth and breadth of pilot operations of the Zain Group, which contribute to the revitalization and support to communities and economies throughout the region. (The end)


Zain: plans of the shares alone Iraq still exist despite the country's violence (http://www.mustaqila.com/news/140346.html)

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(Independent) of ... Kuwait's Zain Telecom said that the unity of Iraq is still interested in listing after more than three years from the expiration of the time limit for that, but fund managers warned investors ' aversion to the violence in the country and the weak market infrastructure.

Under network licences granted to three mobile phone companies in Iraq Zain Iraq and asiacell's unit I want country as cork sister company Orange have each put up a quarter of its shares and included in the Iraqi stock exchange by August 2011.

And did not commit to any deadline for corporations incurring daily fines while some experts attribute the delay to low trading volumes in the stock and the overall market value of small companies.

Asiacell joined in the end of the Iraqi stock exchange in February 2013, where it sold 25 percent of its shares for $1.27 billion in the largest initial public offering ever, an Iraqi while Zain Iraq said in September it hopes to sell shares during the first half of 2014 to bring "more than one billion dollars."

But the chances of a zine that seem far after the fall of large parts of Western and Northern Iraq under the control of the Organization of the Islamic State.

A spokesman for parent company "in light of the problems related to security and safety the focus of Zain Iraq today to maintain its network and provide mobile phone services where the need of our customers and society in General.

"However, Zain Iraq continue in coordination with Iraqi authorities and their advisers for IPO."

And Iraq's largest markets Zain contributing 35 percent of the participants and 39 percent of revenue in the second quarter of the year.

The spokesman said Zain Iraq going IPO "at an appropriate time for all shareholders and investors in General," but did not specify when and how the company will use the proceeds from listing.

There was no immediate response from the Iraqi stock exchange or a CMC request for comments. (The end)