View Full Version : Iraq To Finally Get Rid Of Fake Bomb Detectors

10-29-2014, 02:42 PM
New Prime Minister Haider Abadi is making some small steps towards reforming Iraq’s dysfunctional government. In the middle of October 2014 he announced a small, but important move in that direction. The premier said that the fake bomb detectors that were purchased back in 2007 and had been proven not to work over and over again would finally be replaced. New devices from the U.S. are supposed to arrive soon to be installed in Karbala to protect the shrine cities, and then another alternative is supposed to be found for the rest of the country. These detectors, known as the ADE-651 have been a massive scandal wrapped in corruption and incompetence that no one in Iraq would own up to previously. Finally, the new prime minister is moving to rectify this situation that has cost the lives of hundreds of people.

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