View Full Version : Violence Remains Low In Iraq 4th Week Of November 2014

12-01-2014, 02:17 PM
Violence stayed at a low level in the fourth week of November 2014. Attacks remained steady at around 130 just like the previous week. Deaths were down by 150 from the third week, but casualties were about the same due to a high number of wounded. From November 22-28 insurgents made a concerted effort to take the Anbar provincial capital of Ramadi, failed to take Tal Ward in Kirkuk and carried out attacks across Salahaddin. On the other hand, the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), militias and peshmerga were on the offensive in Diyala and Salahaddin. Overall the insurgents have lost the initiative in much of the country, which accounts for the decline in attacks and violence.

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