View Full Version : Can Iraq’s Militias Be Successfully Integrated Into The Security Forces?

12-08-2014, 03:17 PM
Today the Iraqi government has become dependent upon militias to defend the country against the insurgency. These armed groups might be up to half of Baghdad’s forces. The question is what will happen to these militias after the insurgency is defeated? Can they be integrated into the security forces and whom will their loyalties lie with? Some are connected to political parties and many were created by Iran to either fight the Americans or defend the Assad government against the Syrian rebels. Iraq faced a similar dilemma in 2005 when the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq’s Badr Brigade was recruited into the police commandos who later became the National and then Federal Police. These units singled out Sunnis for mass arrests, ran death squads, and maintained secret prisons. It was only through external pressure and training by the U.S. and its allies, an independent Interior Minister, and a strong Iraqi general that the Federal Police was reformed. Today the situation is the reverse with Iran pushing militias to the fore, and an Interior Minister connected to the armed groups as well making the transformation of these organizations into a national security force all the harder.

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