View Full Version : Understanding Anbar Pt XV The Generals’ Perspective

12-09-2014, 02:17 PM
In 2009 the United States Marine Corps interviewed (http://www.hqmc.marines.mil/Portals/61/Docs/Al-AnbarAwakeningVolII%5B1%5D.pdf) dozens of people from Anbar about their perspective on the Awakening that occurred there. Among them were several generals from the Saddam era. That included General Haqi Ismael Ali Hameed, General Jassim Mohammed Salah Habib, General Khadim Mohammed Faris Fahadawi Dulaimi, General Raad Hamdani, General Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman, General Ghazai Khudrilyas, and General Mohammed Azawi. Together they explained how Anbar went from being relatively peaceful following the 2003 invasion to being the heart of the insurgency, and then eventually the Awakening. They all agreed that the United States’ mistakes alienated the population and led to armed resistance, but then Al Qaeda in Iraq’s (AQI) excesses led to a similar turn against them. This parallels recent developments within the country as the policies of former Premier Nouri al-Maliki turned much of the Sunni population against the government, but already AQI’s successor the Islamic State is carrying out many of the same practices that lost it support the last time around.

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