View Full Version : Parliament calls on the government to accelerate to send the budget to parliament

12-20-2014, 03:52 AM
Parliament calls on the government to accelerate to send the budget to parliament

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BAGHDAD - ((eighth day))
National Alliance MP Fadel Kanani called on the government to expedite the dispatch of the budget to the parliament for discussion and approval as soon as possible.

Kinani said in a statement reported for ((eighth day)) announced today that the government could overcome the causes of delay in the completion of the draft federal budget law and not be linked to delay the difficult circumstances experienced by the country and the most important of the collapse of oil prices and said the government can and committees in charge of the adoption of the minimum expected for the price of oil is then formulate the draft budget and submit it to the parliament to discuss and approve before 2014 ends. "

Kanani and called on all parties to put their differences and disputes and side interests and personal attention to the serious subject of the budget because the people waiting impatiently for him to achieve something which aspires to.

He promised the prime minister to the people's representatives to send the draft budget to the parliament within a maximum period of ten days, and during the legislative recess of the first quarter and said the government were not successful in that, where ago ten days and Tllha days and the budget is still under study does not know when to see the light. (AA)