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12-26-2014, 07:24 PM
Deputy: Adoption of the general budget of the middle of next January By Rustam Sarkawt 14 hours ago
[size=18]Roudao - Baghdad

pointed Kurdistan Alliance MP and member of the parliamentary finance committee, Ahmed Hama-Sharif, on Tuesday, to the possibility of the adoption of the general budget for 2015 in mid-January of next year.

The flesh Sharif, network Roudao media, today, that he "can not for the Council House of Representatives to approve the general budget for the remainder the 6 days of the year, "referring to the possibility of approval within two or three weeks, because of the delay formulation and the inclusion of its provisions by the Council of Ministers. He explained flesh Sharif, that "the reasons for the delay the general budget was to contain the penal materials the right of the province of Kurdistan, what prompted the Kurdistan Alliance to the reservation to vote on them, until they delete the items after you reach a political consensus between the parties, and the discrepancy in oil prices in world markets are also caused the delay budget and writing of the Council of Ministers for several times, "he said, adding that she was suffering from significant shortage but was overcome with the participation of the province of Kurdistan to export 550 000 barrels per day in favor of Baghdad, adding that the state law was strongly opposed on the share of the Kurds in the general budget, which amounts to 17%, but it changed its position after the political consensus that I got. He flesh Sharif, to the "The House of Representatives is doing its best to pass the budget as soon as possible, and that he had been informed of the Finance Committee by the Chairman of the Board of Deputies of the meeting tomorrow, to write the final legal version of the budget after it ratified in the first stage of the Council of Ministers, and sent to the Council of Ministers for ratification by Abadi, and filed back to the House of Representatives on the same day for approval, "he said, adding that it pass with four stages, including two parliamentary government and the other, explaining that he and" after Wednesday's meeting will remain the final stage of approval by the House of Representatives.