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01-13-2015, 10:15 PM
Civil Coalition calls for action to restore large amounts of money smuggled former officialsJanuary 13,2015http://www.alsumaria.tv/newsimages/NB-121728-635567578800104180.jpg
[ltr]Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Student Civil Democratic Alliance, on Tuesday, the legislative and executive powers to prosecute and recover large sums of money smuggled out of Iraq , and as pointed out that those funds registered on former and smugglers, officials and agents "disguised under the names of recipes and fake", confirmed that it will make up for the shortage of Iraq's oil resources.

The alliance said in a statement, "Alsumaria News" received a copy of it, "the year's budget discussions in 2015 in the House of Representatives and outside still focused on finding additional sources of funds to meet the shortfall in the country's oil resources because of falling oil prices on the global level," stressing the need to " serious attention by the government and parliament of Iraqi funds looted and smuggled abroad to file and seek to be restored, a lot of money and hundreds of billions. "