View Full Version : The Clearing Of Iraq’s Jurf Al-Sakhr, Babil And Its Impact

01-15-2015, 02:21 PM
After twelve unsuccessful tries the Iraqi Security Forces (ISF) and militias were finally able to clear Jurf al-Sakhr, a long time Islamic State (IS) base in northeastern Babil in October 2014. Insurgents had been operating out of that section of the province since 2003 when it was known as the “Triangle of Death.” When IS was able to rebuild its networks after 2011 it began operating out of Jurf al-Sakhr. It became a center of car bombs and armed attacks upon Baghdad and into the southern half of the country. Government forces tried again and again to enter Jurf al-Sakhr throughout 2014, but were finally able to push the insurgents out in October. The consequences of this operation were far reaching. First, the entire population of the area was displaced, and they have not been able to return since then. On the other hand, security has dramatically improved not only in Babil, but in southern Iraq as well, but at what cost.

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