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01-24-2015, 03:59 AM
By John Lee.
Iranian vehicle maker Iran Khodro has announced that it has expanded its after-sale services in Iraq.
During a visit by Karbala’s Governor General, Aqil Al Tarihi, to the company’s factory, Managing Director Hashem Yekke-Zare’a said:
“In order to increase its market share … [Iran Khodro] has diversified its export products to Iraq and expanded its after-sale services in various Iraqi cities … especially in Karbala.”
The Governor praised the achievements of the Iran Kodro Industrial Gorup during the visit, saying they will lead to broader industrial ties between Iran and Iraq.
(Source: IRNA)

Source: Iraq-BusinessNews.com. (http://www.iraq-businessnews.com/2015/01/23/iran-khodro-expands-after-sale-services/)

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