View Full Version : Importance of the oil and gas law for the Iraqi people

02-01-2015, 10:05 PM
The importance of the oil and gas law for the Iraqi people

As'ad Abdullah Ali Saturday , January 31, 2015

They were the first of the Iraqi people, to elect people begin his laws, organize their lives, and preserve their rights, and got rid of the ghost of the conflict, and the country overflowing with riches, mainly oil and gas, which is a global need, and the main source of the country, and the reality of the post-2003, and due to many factors, and especially the political consensus, make things moving towards sharing everything, between the components, like the establishment of a division of a future, a US game malicious, started from Bremer.

oil and gas law, if it were, would end all problems in which we live today, Uwenha the annual budget of the conflict, and to achieve social justice, It is the most important step to jump-start the project, guarantee the rights of all, and yellows differences between politicians, as a finishing problem of the distribution of resources, through the principle of mutual profit, there is no loser under the auspices of a just law, guarantees the rights of all, the dreams for which competition is Mahmoud.

beneficiaries of disruption yesterday and today, are opposed to the adoption of the law, if the law will subside earnings, so their will was based on the opposite of it, a network of complex relationships, local, regional, subsist on the disabled recognition, mafias scary, and the remnants of the Baath system, control operations waste Organization of wealth, making the class grows Oddly, crushed categories, and categories Merfhh end the madness.

Law has been introduced since 2007, has not been approved for the day, nearly eight years, which is going on in the corridors of parliament and government, long lost to the Iraqis, as a result of political selfishness, which controls the minds of some the characters of the ordeal, which produced us a disruption of the laws benefit people, if we want justice here, shall hold all of the reason, not to approve the law, for eight years, but justice distant dream.

oil ministry today, led by Mr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and what has experience and qualifications, popular and political support, is supporting the adoption of the law, and carry a complete vision of one of its corners oil and gas law,as it represents a big gain for the idea of progress in the country, and which could turn Iraq into a giant oil, with a fair distribution of oil wealth feature, in addition to the possibility of achieving Queen of the people of the oil giant's ideas possessed by the leadership of the day, as opposed to the previous period, which was a period of darkness.

change that happened, it was the most important objectives, achieve the interests of the people, so today's parliament has primary responsibility, in the adoption of broken laws, the most important oil and gas law, which provides an opportunity to realize the dreams of the downtrodden and disadvantaged, the Secretariat today Boanaq parliamentarians, to pay a dream to reality.