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02-06-2015, 04:14 AM
Interesting guide on how to get the most for your Dinar selling it on ebay for anyone looking to get out and not have to selloff to dealers or a currency exchange for ridiculously low prices.

How To Maximize Profit Selling Your Iraqi Dinar On Ebay - Get The Most Money For Your Iraqi Dinar
Want to sell your Iraqi Dinar? Want to maximize the amount of money you get for selling your Iraqi Dinar? Then eBay is a good option and a good way to cut out dealer spreads. eBay does charge 6% for a completed listing and Paypal does charge an additional 2.9% plus 0.30 cents per transactoin, however if you put together a good descriptive listing with plenty of pictures you can fetch a pretty good price on eBay and may come out ahead as opposed to selling your Iraqi Dinar to a dealer.

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How To Sell Your Iraqi Dinar On Ebay

If you watch completed eBay listings you will notice that the exact same product, say a million Dinar for example from one seller could sell for $990 while another seller with the same exact listing could sell for $800. That's quite a difference. So what contribues to the difference in price? Part of it is timing, maybe Dinar is more sought after at a particular time, you don't have much control over that. What you do have control over, and what can greatly influence the pricing your listing goes off at is how much time you put into doing a quality listing. While some people may throw up a one line listing of "million iraq dinar in 25000 notes" another seller may add a dozen pictures, describe the notes in detail, mention where they bought the notes as well as if they have the origional receipts and Certificate of Authenticity, etc. The person who has the more detailed listing is more likely to get more money.