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02-10-2015, 09:08 PM
Start of Economic Development --- The next phase:

Parliamentary Finance for "direction Press": the application of the customs tariff does not affect the effect of direct citizen


Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Monday, that the customs tariff law takes effect will be applied to the material covered in the near future. A member of the committee MP Mohammed Abdul Qader In an exclusive interview with the "direction Press" that the customs tariff law is valid and will be applied after the entry into force of the budget. Stressing that the implementation of the customs tariff law needs to be instructed by the Ministry of Finance to facilitate the implementation of the resolution and apply sound image.

Mohammed said that the application of the customs tariff direct effect does not affect the citizen because it does not include goods that fall within the necessities of life. He said a member of the Finance Committee that the customs tariff contribute to increased earnings to the government for the purpose of bridging the shortfall and Agr who wounding budget for this year. He specialized in economic and investment regard to the application of Iraq to the tariff system will enter within the WTO, noting that the government is obliged to take action in order to protect the economy and lack of higher prices. And moving the government to reduce the fiscal deficit to the draft budget bill for fiscal year 2015 non-oil alternatives such as increased taxes and impose tariffs on goods entering the country.