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02-12-2015, 10:54 AM
Dawa party turns against al-Maliki


Brother - Follow-up
According to a source familiar with, today, Thursday, for the Islamic Dawa Party Splits have witnessed before year's conference to be held next month.

The source said in a statement to L / Baghdadi News /, seen by the Agency for News Agency (et) that "the Islamic Dawa Party dominant ten years ago for the presidency of the Iraqi government could see a split and (coup), the current President Nuri al-Maliki."

The source added that "the Islamic Dawa Party already seen (internal coup) led by Maliki's predecessor Ibrahim al-Jaafari."

The source pointed out that "al-Maliki today practiced rejection of any policy step, regardless of success or failure, he takes Abadi, which could push the latter and his supporters who are growing by the day of the coup against Maliki."

The source said, "Abadi already begun to turn against al-Maliki's policies and his followers," adding that "the coup is doing in collaboration with the Islamic Supreme Council and the Sadrists and the Virtue Party, in some cases, the Badr Organization, in addition to helping some of the blocs and parties (Sunni)."

The source noted that "the changes that are currently taking place in the southern government departments are part of the coup and change."

The source explained that "the parties to be approved law will change the political map of Iraq, and because of the Islamic Dawa Party of prestigious parties in Iraqi history, leadership must be free of (corrupt) who are represented by al-Maliki."

The source added that "al-Abadi enjoys international support and regional represented the United States, Britain and Iran, which will facilitate this coup in the presidency of the party."

The source said that "the Dawa Party, led by the two policies in two different completely to earn the street, the first, followed by al-Maliki, which is to gain satisfaction through sectarian rhetoric, andthe second followed by Abadi through a broad speech in which he tries to win satisfaction with all components and approach with the orientations of the government," he said, adding that "the clamor raised about the law (the National Guard) led by al-Maliki and his followers, and through his objection to the proportion of representation Guard, prompting some members of the coalition of national forces to respond in kind and demanding a certain percentage. "

The source indicated that "the convergence existing between Abadi and Ammar al-Hakim, who is (godfather) Government Abadi, indicates that Iran has given the green light to this (coup), which want Iran to turn it from the (control of Iraq's state) to (partner countries) to win satisfaction with the Anglo-American over its nuclear program. "