View Full Version : Washington Announces Mosul Campaign Plan To Placate Iraq Politicians

02-23-2015, 02:16 PM
This year Iraq’s politicians are hoping for a major turn around in the security situation in the country. A big focus is upon retaking Mosul the nation’s second largest city and the center of the Islamic State’s (IS) caliphate in Iraq. Premier Haider Abadi recently said that the city would be freed soon. Given this pressure the United States decided to announce a plan to attack Mosul this spring. This garnered a huge amount of press coverage, but largely missed the fact that the Iraq Security Forces (ISF) would not be ready for such a large undertaking in just a few months. Rather than revealing the timetable for pushing IS out of Mosul the United States’ real target was the Iraqi political class, which has been deeply critical of America’s effort and to show them that Washington has a plan to defeat the insurgency.

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