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Expert: delete the zeros supports the national currency and reduce inflation in the country
الخميس 5 مارس 2015 | 06:10 مساء

BAGHDAD / ... confirmed an economic expert d. Peace Sumaisem, on Thursday, on the importance of the subject of the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi dinar, considering it as a support of the national currency, and a reduction of inflation in the country.

Sumaisem said, in a statement to "Ein Iraq News", "delete the zeros includes two basic objectives, the deletion of zeros, and the restructuring of the Iraqi currency, instead of the $ 100 equals 120 000 Iraqi dinars, after deleting three zeros become a $ 100 equals 100 Iraqi dinars, which is equal to the dollar and the dinar This means strengthening the Iraqi currency. "

"The country suffers deficit as Iraq does not it can support its currency unless received grants from third parties, and whether this possible implementation it is important, reframes the value of the currency indirectly supporting the national currency, and when structuring currency returned it reduces inflation Iraq ". Finished / 13

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