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Thread: Real deal translation of recent warka news..

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    Quote Originally Posted by dinar_dude View Post
    Thans for this Mike, I think this helps refute the tripe claimed by a few of those on this forum about Bunnia taking all of our money to live in South America along with Hitler and Elvis.
    Thanks Mike...Appreciate the post.

    Bang on Dinar_dude - I always felt that China Girl's pigtails were pulled a bit too tight!
    "Neither give cherries to a pig nor advice to a fool"

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike032588 View Post
    i never seen money taked out however there was deff lack of communation... however whenever i use to ask for a complete portfolio exel they gave it to me... one time they even fedexed it out to my home with the offical warka seal... but again.. its iraq... but The bunnia family is not to be messed with they own so much of iraq... its insane.. listen i been facetime skyping and talking on the phone to locals since 2006... im a little ahead of most people here... and lots of iraqis thought warka took the money and ran after the Warka Standard Charter deal went south... GREAT FORSIGHT warka had... they knew they were in bed with the iranians and would of destroyed their company owing over 51% of shares.. warka said HELL NO --- than when the ole famous trojan horse didnt work becaues warkas over reaching infulunce... the gov bribed 2 of warkas biggest clinets to pull funds right before govt did a stress test... and pushe warka into CBI control dones anyone remember maliki going afer CBI governeer around the same time this all was goin down in the courts... maliki wanted to make sure warka not only enver got paid... but SHUT THE DOORS FOR GOOD... warka went into 100% conservitive mode to stay alive... the lights are all but off... news like this might be just what we need... but we wont know until money is paid... and if you ever ask an iraqi when the govt will pay into the accounts... the asnwer is NEVER ahhah but time will tell.. NO WAY BUNNIA family is taking our money and running wehn there ROI from a successful iraq will enrich all of us enough to forget about all this EARLY DAY BS... im sure the family will write a letter to shareholders of exactly what happen when its done.... i mean did they do that already... i read the letter in here of how it went down... CRAZY an probly true...


    Awesome thread. Must admit, years ago I thought you were just a young kid with lots of seeing you develop makes an old warhorse feel good about the next generation. I am on the same page with you regarding Warka & the Bunnia family, unfortunately that view doesn't sit well with a few 'chicken-littles' who might perceive things differently...but seem to get off on hammering it into everyone's face.

    I was in money management prior to going off grid, more in the insured markets than equities. Good luck to you in your chosen occupation. Would be interested in your perspective of the US markets steady what...caused by what..and what point a correction?

    Regardless, THANK U very much for sharing this info from your sources. Reaffirmed my own investigations and conclusions. May the force be with you.
    [Still kicking]

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    Mike#s, thanks again. More good points. I never gave much thought as to whether Bunnia took money and flew to another Country or not. Nor will anyone find a post of mine that alludes to that but at least it will keep the slow people busy for a while so the adults can talk.
    What I have said is that Bunnia set stakeholders up with a 150% pd up share offer. The slower ones on here wont follow this but I will post it anyway. There is no way the GM would have an approved a 150% pd up share offering without the 51% vote by bunnia's stock votes in support of it. It was approved and announced. Suckers like me went all in. Bunnia did nothing. Did not exercise his options. (Where are the financial records. Oh thats right. Have not seen one for years.) Warka took the money out of my account and never provided share purchase confirmation. Personally Bunnia set us up as a last hope to save his bank. If he had a stroke I would not care. He has proved he is a worthless manipulator to me.
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