Finance Committee will host Central Bank Governor and his senior staff

Parliamentary Finance

Committee hosted headed by MP Ahmad Chalabi, Chairman of the Committee and the presence of ladies and gentlemen members of the Committee 05/06/2015 central bank governor and his senior staff.

Discussed hosting attended adviser and deputy central bank governor and former director general release Directorate and the Treasury and the Director General of the Directorate of Accounts and director of banking and credit and director of the Centre for Banking Studies and the Director General to report money laundering in the Central Bank – Office discussed – assets and net reserves of domestic credit and the net in the balance sheet of the bank and the foundation cash and the impact of increasing oil reserves, which leads to reduction in the cash basis.

Mr. Chairman of the Finance Committee heard the reasons that had to move the exchange rate in the market that gap and the profits of monopoly influential happening on the official exchange rate, and find treatments in this area, as well as theBanking Act and the law against money laundering, and the creation of money transfer companies, amounting to more than 1,500 company,

and the development of investment banking in line with bank liquidity in accordance with the special liquidity and obliging banks to allocate funds for lending and review of Statistics of credit and cash investments, total assets and overall systemsas well as a project to delete the zeros and its implications and the development of financial categories facilitates the storage

and study of new factors and appropriate market conditions and the effects of standards inflationary and technical ways to keep the currency from counterfeiting before proceeding with implementation.

And accept senior Bank staff oil economy property in exchange reserve and related economic characteristics between international reserves and the exchange market and the impact of price inflation rate which affects the rate of the dinar, and the deterioration of the competitiveness of the country’s industry, agriculture and the real exchange rate and bilateral changes in it, and the pressures of demand for Alajnah currency.

For his part, suggested MP Haitham al-Jubouri, a member of the Finance Committee that the central bank will address each of the Department of Trade and Industry about the volume of imports and exports in cooperation with the parliamentary finance committee, wondering about the overall management of the bank in the Rafidain Bank and Rasheedto prevent the acquisition of (Income and Outcome) and address the BSA To verify that the volume of transactions and financial Almalbg

and the need for follow-up management of the bank in the banks by the central bank because they cause a real problem of corruption in this sector, inquiring about the bank’s role on the issue of loss-making banks in Basra and Baghdad, which does not have sufficient reserves for possible payment of all deposits and corporate money laundering and instructions instruments Islamic customs and tax rate, which is deducted and the implications of this deduction.

For its part, showed MP Magda Tamimi review of Iraq’s money table since two thousand and three that contains Ziaat and frauds and large thefts and contradiction, which is set to the Finance Committee in the figures through the books by the concerned authorities, demanding the central bank to provide the parliamentary finance committee were made of (DFI) and clarification about Sovereign Fund which Taatbah foreign bodies and put Iraq’s money abroad and protection project.

For his part, Governor of the Central Bank justified in replying to the ladies and gentlemen questions the committee members not to carry out the project to delete the zerosbecause he Aigll of paper the size of likely benefit to export more to reduce the number of categories in advance explained about the insurance on deposits in favor of the proposal of theFinance Committee determine Alastairadt through the Ministry of Trade Under the import of all material and the need for Iraq to this article Platform address,

also put forward solutions to the Rafidain Bank and Rasheed to reconsider the structure of these two banks and converted to the private sector to upgrade them and their progress, the parliamentary finance committee and participated concerns about Takma affecting the private banking sector.

Stressing the need for the integration of private banks and activation of the banking activity in addition to problems related to Bachirfah, and facilities offered by the Bank for Islamic Banks that keep pace with the global trend in this area, and to support weak banks and vacationed,

in addition to re-Bank Warka exchange for adequate safeguards for the provision of liquidity, being one of the banks that have experience pioneered and advanced in the field of administration and money.