Conscious / high dollar is intentional and the government to take the necessary measures


Conscious / Baghdad / FS

MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Majid Chenkali, on Thursday, that the rise in the dollar price in the domestic market, exacerbating Iraq's economic crisis, and as the government called for the need to realize the seriousness of the economic situation in Iraq, he noted that this increase was intended.

He Chenkali in a statement ( and the Iraqi News Agency Information / INA ) that the high dollar over the past few days, is intended by some authorities to crack down on the Iraq market.

He pointed out, that the artificial crisis and the government must publish destinations regulators to control the stock market, indicating that the pricing of the Central Bank of the dollar has not changed but the aspirants in the Iraqi market, behind the high prices.

He explained that the rise will lead to a recession a lot of goods and stop buying and selling in the markets, so the regulatorsand Finance in the government that is going joint detachments of the police and the Office of Financial Supervision to detect the perpetrators .