Parliamentary Finance: Iraq’s financial situation bad pay most traders search for the most stable currency He attributed the Parliamentary Finance Committee member Abdul Qader Mohammed,

on Saturday, the low value of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar to several different factors, denying at the same time that the government is to be causing this decline. Mohammed said in an interview with the trend-Presse reported that the war with elements Daash during the last period resulted in the depletion of the

Iraqi budget and cost millions of dollars to support the fight What is the effect on the economy directly, as well as the country’s dependence on oil product and the decisions it led to the sudden drop in the price of the dinar against other currencies , indicating that these effects did not appear at the same time,

but gradually after a period of time. He added that the financial situation of the Iraqi “bad” pay most traders to look for the most stable currency, a dollar and thus become more demand than supply for this currency, noting that the central bank and sell daily about 75 million shares of $ height of the dollar as well. Referred to as the US dollar has risen significantly in front of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, amounting to about 1350 to the dollar
amid expectations of a height in the coming days.