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4-5-2016 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article quote: "Great credit is due to the many aspects of the development of the Iraqi banking system and monetary policy in the current day to Dr. Shabibi..." This guy is clearly pro Shabibi and deservingly so because he was a well liked and intelligent man who accomplished quite a bit for the banking system in Iraq. I want to draw attention to the part where he raised the value of the dinar from 3000 to $1 to 1200 to $1 gradually. I believe this is the same plan for when the market economy is launched. And it did not take long for the CBI to accomplish this. The final step will be to raise the dinar from the current 1182 to $1, to 1 dinar to $1 or about removing the zeros during the process.More importantly it shows it is possible without much fanfare. Also, it is important that Iraq never suffered from hyperinflation as some have stated. This is important because that is the basis for many who believe in a LOP theory. Iraq's inflation peeked at or around 33% well below the requirement of over 50% to meet the definition of hyperinflation. These are good facts to keep in mind when we start to sway. Keep the faith, let it come to us. The dinar will rise once the new government launches to market economy.