Zebari, Iraq is likely to request emergency funding from the International Monetary Fund about $ 700 million
[ltr]:: 2015/4/16 8:07 [/ltr]

Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari said, "Iraq may request emergency funding $ 400 million to $ 700 million from the International Monetary Fund."
He said Zebari, in a press statement during his visit to Washington in the accompanying Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the Iraqi delegation, "We have not made a decision yet, but I think they [International Monetary Fund] would not mind providing such support, but want to do more action to reduce public spending."

He said he was "not as a precondition, but in reality they are advised that this is the way to provide these funds," The price of Brent crude oil futures, Wednesday, settled at US $ 60.32 a barrel.

Zebari pointed out that "Iraq may be required emergency funding $ 400 million to $ 700 million from the IMF, but has not yet made a decision] in this regard," he said.

Finance Minister stressed that "the government has taken a final decision to issue government bonds worth $ 5 billion, and is still being negotiated on their own terms"