Central Bank of Iraq is working to put the two categories, one hundred fifty thousand dinars of currency


Iraqi parliamentarian said on Saturday that
the Iraqi Central Bank plans to launch two new categories of the Iraqi currency and fifty thousand and two hundred thousand dinars.

Sarhan said Ahmed, member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, the reporter "Basenyoz", the Central Bank of Iraq continues to work for the issuance of two new categories of currency fifty-two thousand and one hundred thousand dinars, "noting that" the central bank has taken the necessary preparations for it. "

He added that "the central bank looked at it and made the decision about it leaving only the allocation of funds for the printing of the two new categories," pointing out that "the law will be charged under the two new categories of currency writings in Kurdish."

He said the Iraqi parliamentary issuing two new categories of the Iraqi currency within the preparations for a future plan that includes deleted several zeros from the currency.